Vermont Has Strong Standards

Vermont laws currently ensure that no Vermonter has to worry about the quality of the medical eye care they are receiving.

Our laws feature strong patient protections related to eye surgery and medical management.  The requirements to operate on eyes demand:

  • Medical school degree
  • Rigorous training at a 4 year nationally accredited and standardized  medical residency; 
  • Eight years of medical training, including real life cumulative experience
Eye surgeon holding small surgical scissors for eye operation in the operating room near the microscope. Image with small deph of field focused on hands and scissors
Safety At Risk

As part of a national drive to expand their business, the Vermont optometry lobby is pushing to lower safety standards. Despite inadequate medical training, they are urging Vermont lawmakers to authorize optometrists to conduct scalpel and laser surgical care in and around the eye.  

A bill proposed in the State Capital asks lawmakers to endorse an unprecedented expansion of optometry practice into scalpel and laser eye surgery. Optometrists are not trained at the level required to ensure safety and mitigate risk during these procedures.

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